The Forgotten – MFA Thesis Show (solo)

Some photos of my exhibition in Montreal.















Well! I must admit I am mighty glad that is done! (& with the ‘Master’ papers to prove it)

The MFA definitely posed challenges, and they were not altogether the challenges I had anticipated when I embarked on this academic endeavour. I could not have foreseen that I would be finishing my thesis work abroad in Vienna, which posed a huge slew of challenges, navigating art stores in my broken German being among them. This geographical distance, cultural divide, and 7 hour time-change was incredibly isolating and I think it shows in the work. Thankfully ‘The Forgotten’ is bleak and full of solitude, so my own thesis-isolation only helped emphasize Elsie’s situation.

I am quite happy with how the show went. There was a great turn out, and it was so nice to talk with people about the work. It was incredible how it invoked people to share their own stories with me, and to see the different ways people interpret the show. Although, for logistical reasons it was super tempting to show the work as a cinema screening, I am glad I didn’t compromise, as it was really rewarding to interact with the audience about the work and to show it as a loop in a less time-specific format. It was so nice to be able to present the work and the different components in various multidisciplinary mediums (photo, drawing, animation, sculpture and diorama) reflecting upon the subject of the film, media as memory.

I want to thank: Jonathan Tan, Jacquelyn Hébert, and Manda Yakiwchuck for their lending their ears, hands, and opinions. My parents, as always, are incredible forces in my life/work and are totally game to spend a day sourcing hardware for my installations. And my community within the Concordia MFA Film Department Andrew Lima, Yvetta Kang, Daniel Onischenko, Jean-Claude Bustros, Guillaine Dionne, Shira Avni, and Luigi Allemano.

Now, I am so excited to start some new projects!!