Work in Progress


Find your voice and shine! Here is hoping that this year more women find their voice, speak up for their rights, and find a place at the table. I realize I speak from a place of privilege, spouting whatever I think and demanding (unabashedly) to be heard. I know there are […]

CASTING CALL | Elsie’s Voice Needed

CASTING CALL: Woman age 60+ to perform voice recordings for 9 minute stop-motion animation. The script is dialogue-free, but requires sighs, breath, yawns etc to bring the character to life. NO experience needed. CHARACTER DESCRIPTION: The character’s name is Elsie Pherghetter, she is a stop-motion animated elderly woman with alzheimers. The 9 minute animation […]

The Forgotten | Progress Report

I have been totally engrossed in my current animation project, The Forgotten. The project is going well but it really is a lot harder tackling a film abroad far from all your known stores, resources, and creative community. I’m pleased with the set and puppets, but I am incredibly behind on […]