Elemental Wellness

I've put together a few project on my bēhance portfolio site. (Links below) Sometimes it is a challenge to straddle commercial work and fine arts, especially when it comes to web portfolios! I use this site as a portfolio when I apply for art grants, or residencies… but I also […]


Find your voice and shine! Here is hoping that this year more women find their voice, speak up for their rights, and find a place at the table. I realize I speak from a place of privilege, spouting whatever I think and demanding (unabashedly) to be heard. I know there are […]

JumpstART Retrospective | Evolucity screening

SAWvideo is hosting a retrospective for their JumpstART grant and mentorship program. I was lucky enough to be selected for this program in 2010. It was there that I met Firuz Daud, my mentor in the program, and he taught me so so so much throughout the year I spent […]

The Forgotten | Progress Report

I have been totally engrossed in my current animation project, The Forgotten. The project is going well but it really is a lot harder tackling a film abroad far from all your known stores, resources, and creative community. I’m pleased with the set and puppets, but I am incredibly behind on […]

FffffReeeezing February.

I WILL BE RETURNING TO CANADA!!!! … in the end of February, for a few weeks. Why? would anyone go to Canada in February, you ask? 1. Come to my Retrospective on February 26th, 2015 7pm @ SAW in OTTAWA. 2. I’m meeting with my advisor and trying to settle the […]

NEW… New site!! New Country! New language! & NEW WORK!!

New site!! New Country! New language! & NEW WORK!! I’ve terminated my good old site… Although it has served me well over the past 7/8 years (always so bubbly, pink and optimistic) it was time to move on… and become ! (which is really who I have been all […]