CASTING CALL | Elsie’s Voice Needed

CASTING CALL: Woman age 60+ to perform voice recordings for 9 minute stop-motion animation. The script is dialogue-free, but requires sighs, breath, yawns etc to bring the character to life. NO experience needed.

CHARACTER DESCRIPTION: The character’s name is Elsie Pherghetter, she is a stop-motion animated elderly woman with alzheimers. The 9 minute animation explores the didactic methods she uses to remember, and how it feels to forget. There is no real dialogue, only breath, humming, gasps, and sighs to give the animated character an audio presence.

LOCATION: Hexagram audio recording studio

SHOOTING SCHEDULE: One half-day of recording on the first week of November.

Please contact for more information.

This is a ACTRA approved student production, no payments, no credits, and no permits towards membership.